We regularly have a requirement for candidates who have a suitable background in order to work in our client services roles. There is no doubt that this type of role requires a very personable type of candidate who will be able to work alongside a range of clients who all have separate wants and demands. If this is the direction which you'd like to go in or are looking to take that next step in a client services based role then we would love to help you with that.

Employers who require candidates in the pure sense of the term "Client Services" may be larger advertising agencies to work on what they class as significantly sized accounts for their business. They will normally be the conduit between the client and the different departments which lie with the respective advertising agency. Tasks for such roles may range from the timely delivery of the strategy of the day, as well as be reporting the thoughts and feelings of the client through to the senior management internally so changes can be made to offer a better service.

There are similarities between this role and a Project Manager, depending on the type of agency.  Creative agencies manage projects on more of a one-off basis as opposed to an advertising agency where the work is on-going and retainer based on the client. They will normally take the brief from the client and manage it as it is briefed into the agency. They will also manage the output format and timing as well as any changes which the project may experience as it develops.

Many people who excel in Client Services roles develop a Client Services Director or Senior Project Manager. They will usually have around 5 or 6 years experience in such roles. Key elements of such roles include:

  • An outstanding level of client service and the ability to support the account management efforts to deliver a great product
  • Ensuring satisfied clients, contract renewals and points of escalation for issues to be resolves is essential
  • Be in tune with the sector which the business operates in and feed this back to the organisation for commercial gain

If you would like to talk about proactively searching for a Client Services role or developing your career to enter this in the future then don't hesitate to speak to us about it.

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