We are one of the leading Digital PR recruitment agencies in the UK, supplying Digital PR candidates to everyone from independent PR agencies, SME’s and start-ups through to integrated and worldwide global agencies. This includes exclusive partnerships with agencies like Mediacom, Wavemaker, Dentsu and McCann to name a few. We have the PR expert for you as we provide in-house digital PR experts to all sectors from publishing through to furnishings, finance to travel.


When it comes to Digital PR recruitment, we know what makes an excellent candidate. They have been in the industry, bursting with a little black book of contacts, ready to connect with you and your business. They are in the know, thriving on knowing what is worth knowing. Some might say they talk a lot, but that is what you want, someone who is going to shout loud about your business, that’s well connected so that everyone’s talking about it through effective digital PR strategies! They are your ambassador, they know how to put across your brand and your client's brands. They can do it innovatively with class and style, with an edge so that you stand out from the rest. They have a strong knowledge of digital PR, pushing out quality press releases, blogs and content on your behalf all with the essential mix of SEO. They know about influencers and outreach, they know the value of sitting beside their customers and not talking at them but talking to them. You can trust them to run your digital PR campaigns, they build excellent relationships and make things happen.  They have an insatiable appetite for PR strategy delivery and are hungry for results. They want every website, blogger, influencer, publisher to hear about it and they won’t be happy until all ground is covered! They know SEO tools like the back of their hand that helps create tangible and value for money PR activities.

We are specialist digital PR recruiters and it shows. We are industry award winning and our clients tell us we are doing a great job and we believe them, read it here! We look forward to supplying your business with talent soon.


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