An insight team often sit between other teams, such as research, product and marketing. They are responsible for leading the development and communication of actionable customer and market insight, to drive strategic decision making, and to provide commercial advantages.

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An insight team can have a variety of functions. One of the most prevalent at the moment is customer insight as part of a wider CRM team. Their responsibilities would be to manage the provision of macro and micro market intelligence, identify and segment customers and competitors, commission market research projects, and to improve the measurability of marketing campaign metrics. Other areas that these types of candidates will often be focused on include; product, merchandising, retail, marketing, data and research.

Due to the massive amount of incumbent data most businesses now naturally collect, it is arguable that any of them could benefit from an insight team to help make the most of this resource. Within our network, we see a larger concentration of these roles within retail and e-commerce businesses, as well as those with sizeable marketing teams. There are also agencies who specialise solely in producing insight and are able to use their specific skill sets to do the job much more quickly than an in-house team could, due to the experience levels and resources at their disposal.

In order to pursue a career in insight, many candidates begin in research or data focused roles and then go on to hone their skill set and specialise in insight. Common job titles within this area include; Insight Executive, Customer Insight Analyst, Marketing Insight Analyst and Head of Insight.

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