A Digital Director job will involve having key responsibilities within a company or agency’s digital activities. They will oversee activities for the channel and help implement a strategy that will help target audiences and disseminate marketing collateral.

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If they are working within an agency, they will oversee key client activities that draw on digital to help achieve their objectives. They may work alongside other marketing channels like offline to help successfully integrate digital. If the role is client side, they will act as a company Director who oversees Digital and this will be a key part of their company activities.

A Digital Director will normally have progressed through the ranks of a Digital Assistant, Executive or Digital Manager role. As this is a senior role, they will expect to remain in it for 3 – 5 years before potentially moving into a Head of Digital role. It is not uncommon for people at this level to move between agency-side and client-side roles, applying their skills in an environment that is best suited to them. Money and equity may become important to them, but like everyone in a senior digital role, they will have a real passion for the sector and developments in internet and online.

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