An employee in an integrated agency job is one that offers a combination of media channels for clients giving them the opportunity to deploy a marketing strategy across both offline and online platforms.

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Digital roles that exist within integrated agencies include those in account management, search marketing, planning, programmatic, social media, affiliates and partnerships and client services with the opportunity to specialise or have knowledge of a range of channels.

Some of the leading integrated agencies in the UK have offices in the region and they have been growing rapidly due to the digital departments within them. As digital marketing has grown and begun to eclipse other channels in terms of advertising spend, they have become the leading departments within agencies, leading strategy for clients across their schedules. Digital now overlaps into other channels, like TV where a digital marketing campaign might support acquisition through search marketing or CRM related activities. Those who do well within integrated agencies have a strong awareness of a combination of channels and how they can use these strategically and commercially to fulfil client and agency objectives.

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