Marketing Headhunting

Marketing Headhunting

Find out why we are the go-to agency for Marketing headhunting and executive recruitment in the Northwest.


With an unprecedented growth in digital, media and eCommerce over recent years, talent creation is becoming increasingly more pressing for clients recruiting candidates at the top level of management including directors. It is no longer only required at middle management level.

The growing demand for senior executives and business leaders from our clients has been down to the unstoppable growth of online businesses.

Given the nature of senior management skill set requirements, there tends to be a much smaller pool of active and passive candidates in the marketplace.

We at The Candidate realise that it cannot only be a contingency based approach when recruiting these types of candidates as the roles tend to be very specialised with potentially only two or three candidates suitable for any one role at a time.

With this increasing demand for high calibre candidates in leading North West businesses, The Candidate has expanded it's Search and Selection Department to provide Executive Recruitment for clients in the region and beyond.

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The Search

The search and selection approach is naturally methodical, focused and structured based on skillset and that 3rd dimension - personality. Working via networks and headhunting, it is a sensitive and tailored service. This requires an experienced approach and with over 30 years combined experience in Digital and Recruitment, we at The Candidate are perfectly placed to match any digital brief.

The Selection

This stage of the recruitment process is where we at The Candidate will really make a difference. By interviewing each candidate face to face on the long list we can comprehensively delve into the executive's skill set and in turn, we will match the core competencies of their skillset to the job brief.

This interview can almost be deemed as the first interview on behalf of the client. It will mean that the candidate will know what the brief is and ultimately whether they will be right for the client long term.

The Engagement 

It's important as a client or a senior candidate that when you come to engage with a recruiter they understand the brief and company as well as any potential pitfalls on the vacancy.

The key factors in a successful engagement are the following;

  • Culture - Will you/they fit and be right to lead in the environment
  • Skillset - Do you/they have tangible successes to measure up with
  • Network - Does the recruiter have the network to attract the right talent
  • Motivation - What is the key motivators for the person to move? Money, responsibility, location or business?

Following a number of successful engagements, The Candidate is striving to deliver an unparalleled service in the upper echelons of digital marketing recruitment.


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