Recruit An In-House SEO Executive, What To Expect

In-house SEO Executives and Digital Executives are the team members that will be running your digital marketing plan. They play a large part in whether a strategy is implemented correctly and effectively, therefore it is important to know the best ways of recruiting for these in-house positions.

In this section David Green, Industry Manager, Apparel, at Google, talks about two of his most important rules to follow when in the process of recruiting someone new for the team. The future responsibilities of the executives will have a large impact on the performance of the company and its strategies, therefore finding the right person is vital.

SEO or Digital Executives are team members that run your digital marketing plan. Find out more about recruiting SEO Executives.

Digital executives are commonly seen as points of action in the digital workplace; they are usually younger in nature than many other job roles. Due to this, there are two important rules I follow when interviewing while ignoring much of the dry conventional interview questions which we have all been presented with.

1. Where do you want to go? What is your goal?

I don't want to learn about how much you want this job; I already know you want the job because you're here in front of me. I want to see candidates who have sat down and thought about their future and have decided what they want and where they want to go in order to achieve this. A candidate's drive is incredibly important to me when I am interviewing as this one factor links into everything you do at work, and everything the candidate will be mentored towards. Without drive and direction you fall into the unfortunate majority of candidates in the market. I don't expect your career goal today to be the same in 10 years, or even 3 years, but I like to see that you have given some serious thought about where to want to go and how you see yourself progressing as a digital marketer into the future, and the ways in which you want to achieve this.

2. Tell me something that I didn't already know!

Due to the ever-changing online environment, with constant software updates and technology advancements, people who are always thinking ahead are essential. What do you think is better; an executive with years of experience but with no imagination, or someone with lots of fresh ideas but no experience? For me, I can train you to do the job but I can't teach someone how to do something better than what I know. When interviewing I'm always impressed when I'm shown something I wasn't expecting, for example a presentation or a website design. People who impress stand out!

The Candidate... Personally, these two simple concepts satisfy the needs of the employing business and the candidate themselves, now and more importantly in the future. Some of the digital executives in your business today will be the digital directors of your businesses future.