A job in media sales is very sociable but requires strong sales and commercial focus for success. In order to progress into a managerial role, leadership skills and motivating a sales team will need to be woven in as an essential skill.

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It’s a target driven job, with newcomers to the market generally joining their team and opening new opportunities. Only then, do you tend to build up your client base, which allows for more account management and upselling of the products that they’ve bought.

The role sees a lot of interaction with advertising agencies who, as holders of their client’s budgets, have huge spending power. The most important role of a media salesperson is ensuring that their product is front of mind when their clients are scheduling and purchasing media on behalf of their client. More developed salespeople may get involved with strategy and planning of campaigns with analysis of results being crucial for helping with future investment decisions. As with most salespeople, role variety and recognition of their successes needs to be high and if you’re not getting that in your current role then it might be time to see what else is out there.

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