Offline media jobs exist in what is now commonly known as traditional media that essentially began pre-internet or pre-online that cover radio, TV, outdoor and newspaper advertising for example. Although traditional, they still make up an impressive portion of any marketing media schedule and TV impacts have the ability to generate serious brand identity or product acquisition.

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Although it’s possible to trade on these channels directly as a client, it is mainly done through engaging with a marketing or advertising agency that has teams of specialist planners and buyers to help deliver campaign objectives. This is where the jobs are.

Entry-level roles for these channels have declined over recent years with the onset of the internet and fears from entrants that they are becoming defunct with the growth in online advertising. But in reality, there is still a huge career opportunity and when understanding the combined power of online and offline, the future is very promising for those within these types of roles. Key reasons for moving into a new offline role include the desire to work on larger budgets, bigger clients or to move away from some agency’s traditional cultural approach, like wearing a shirt and tie, aggressive negotiations, drinking culture or long hours. There are plenty of modern agencies offering great roles in traditional offline marketing.

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