A great marketing or media planner will have the ability to learn from the results of marketing channels, monitor conversion rates and produce a finely tuned schedule that will deliver the coverage or return that a campaign requires.

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‘Playing’ with a range of budgets on behalf of a client, they will have to justify the spend in order to achieve sign off. Once signed off, it may be the job of the planner to advise on the purchasing of spots or placements (depending on the channel) through negotiations. A planner will work across all types of marketing channels, including online and offline to produce the desired results.

Planners move roles to work on new clients and campaigns that may have different approaches to planning, risk and activity. The natural step is to climb the ladder by working with larger budgets, the desire to work on multi-channel campaigns and to see the results of your work from holistic planning activity. In the agency world, clients come and go, so choosing an agency employer that tends to win business and retain it, can prevent the need for job-hopping. Great teams, culture and atmosphere also tend to keep planners from moving roles too often.

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