So you’ve decided to take the next step in your PPC career and not sure how to lay out your CV or what nuggets of information to put in it? Our trained search marketing recruitment consultants have dealt with hundreds of PPC CVs over the years and have collated their opinions and learnings below on what is needed for the best PPC CVs. Whether you’re hands on PPC or want to develop into a strategy role, these could help you secure your next position!

CV Tips

Read our top 10 CV Tips for PPC jobs here:

  1. Tangibles – ensure you clearly lay out the numbers and figures from our current and previous roles. These give an idea of the size of budgets and amount of data that you’ve been dealing with. What ROI have you generated, what uplift have you seen, essentially what has your skill set generated through search marketing?
  2. Analytics – being successful in PPC requires an analytical mind and usually using spreadsheets will allow you to excel in this. Highlight the areas of analysis that you do, from cost trends to ROI returns to show that analytical eye.
  3. Software – what software have you used in your PPC career? List the accompanying software that you’ve used for researching and setting up campaigns as well as the optimisation tools that you understand to make successful campaigns.
  4. Clients or campaigns – if you’re agency side, list the clients that you’ve been working on and maybe some of the interesting product activity you’ve advertised through PPC. If you’re client side, what campaigns have you been involved with and for both what successes and learnings have you made?
  5. Other Paid for channels – is your job submerged in PPC work on Google etc. or do you have other paid for experience like paid for social experience? Or what about Google Shopping? What budgets have you worked with and how experienced are you in this area?
  6. Sectors and metrics adopted – what are the sectors that you have worked in and what metrics have you adopted? Whether is CPL, CPL, AOV or GP, it will be vital in matching your skill set to opportunities that exist.
  7. Attribution – do you have advanced skills in PPC and are able to understand where the PPC driven user behaviour fits into the overall digital marketing mix, including SEO and display? If so a strategy driven role across wider digital marketing channels might be the career for you in the future.
  8. Market knowledge – it's always very useful to have an opinion on where the PPC sector is moving to and where it has been with Google updates etc. If you can get across in your CV the changes you made to campaigns in line with market developments and then talk about your predictions in the interview you could be onto a winner!
  9. Technical abilities – does your PPC experience overlap with setting up product or inventory feeds or scripts for analysis? If so these should be included.
  10. Passion for PPC – it’s true, clients will want to see a passion for PPC, they’ll want to see that you really love working on generating results and finding new ways of success in your client’s and employer’s campaigns! Get this across in the CV in the opening section and then follow up in the interview!

Finally, there is general advice for creating your CV that includes all of the basics of creating an attractive CV. Have a read of what you include and what to leave out of your PPC CV here.

Good luck in creating your CV. If you are interested in taking the next step in your PPC career or just wondering what you should do to take the next step then contact us and one of our agency or client side consultants will happily talk you through things.

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