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Recruiting an In-House CRM Executive

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a process that is widely used by businesses in order to analyse the behaviour of their customers looking at engagement and interactions and how these vary throughout the customer life-cycle. This analysis provides insight into consumer behaviour and aids in the tailoring of their approach in order to achieve high customer retention and conversions.

The typical responsibilities of a CRM Executive are to implement the business CRM strategy and enhance long-term customer lifetime value. Their focus will be on how to keep the churn rate to a minimum and increase customer engagement, engaging with these new customers and increasing the customer base’s loyalty.

CRM was developed in an offline world however with the emergence of the internet over the last decade eCRM has emerged. This uses the same processes as traditional methods, however, relates to the internet as an online channel, such as email marketing from database segmentation. Analysis is now simpler than ever as there are emerging analytical and reporting tools that can provide information on key metrics such as clicks, time on page and bounce rates to name a few. Reporting this information accurately enables insight and decision making on how to optimise these channels and tailor marketing activity to customers.

Industry professional Gary Jones provides us with his perspective on how to hire the perfect CRM Executive.

'CRM Executive - You're hired! '


Unless you're a challenger brand trying to make your mark in the expensive world of customer acquisition, most established businesses see the value in customer retention. However, in a fragmented world with a plethora of brand and customer touch points, how do you recruit a CRM Executive to help optimise your customer touch points profitably?


It's not easy, but a well versed CRM Manager with a strategic eye on the ball should add value to any business; especially with the support of an effective CRM Executive. Just like leading actor or actress, there's always a supporting actor. 

Personality attributes such as 'doer' and 'analytical' should be top of your essential list, as too should be 'process', after all, they're going to be mapping every customer journey including customer facing touch points and back-end processes, it order to identify those sweet spots for optimisation.

In fact, it's often better to hire a CRM Executive who you think is better than you - or potentially better and by that, I mean a sharp, tech savvy marketer who knows how to interpret data. Not necessarily versed in SQL, but proficient in Excel (not just basic Excel). A CRM Exec who shows an interest or experience in SQL would be a bonus because ultimately that's most probably how the raw data will be. 

Also, having recently gone through the recruitment experience for my own CRM Manager role, and soon to be recruiting for CRM Executives, I can't stress how important it is to get candidates to research your brand AHEAD of the first interview, and get them to explain how they think you currently apply Recency, Frequency and Value strategies.

It might seem a big ask, but why waste time? You're busy, make the 'prospect' work their own way through the recruitment conversion funnel! Qualify your own candidate traffic ASAP - anyone who isn't prepared to go the extra mile isn't worth it. 

In Summary:

It's all about numbers, process and rolling your sleeves up because not every (in fact not many) businesses have swanky CRM cloud-based software and oodles of budget. Prove your theory and prove yourself, then the Finance Director might loosen the purse. Oh, and one last comment, if you're a large enterprise, hire a people person because without working together with wider business functions, you're as good as dead in the water.


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