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After successfully helping hundreds of candidates find their perfect job in Manchester and across the UK in our 2015/2016 financial year, The Candidate team happily headed off to sunny Barcelona to celebrate a great year. This was all possible from the unprecedented growth in their eCommerce division, stronger and more effective relationships within their agency division, the launch of the media and marketing search and selection division and more recently the successful integration of the IT recruitment division. What wasn't there to celebrate?

It's only been 4 years since we opened our doors back in 2012 when we could clearly see there was a huge demand for a higher quality of service for both candidates and clients. That's when we worked out what wasn't right in the local recruitment scene. The endless recruiters who knew nothing about their client's businesses or candidates careers, yet claimed to be in the best position to represent them both. How exactly was that possible? Now, with a unique blend of recruitment and marketing skill sets within the business, we can truly discuss the next best step for our candidates and the next best recruit for our clients. It's been an amazing journey so far and we're so grateful for all our candidates and client's support.

Back to Barcelona… What we didn't realise from the year was how creative a team we actually had. Not only did we have the best team names for the trip (which unfortunately can't be disclosed…), but collectively we created a jingle for the company's brand in the creative space what was the taxi from the airport to our swanky apartments. That's when the team's other notable skills came into play, with a range of cocktail mixing, orienteering, hunting, disco dancing and even DJ skills coming into play. What a team!

Las Ramblas

Everyone at The Candidate works closely together to support the initiatives that we continue to launch. But of course there's healthy competition, and this was evident in the Treasure Hunt around Las Ramblas on the 2nd day when the Marketing Department actually succeeded to smash the recruitment teams and win the highly sought after prize for the year. That obviously didn't go down well amongst the recruitment teams, largely held back by some team member's misunderstanding of the event, some confusing it with a pub-crawl and others a pizza tasting session. Regardless of the outcome, a big thanks (and apologies) to the people and tourists of Barcelona for their help and understanding of the event!

So drinking a few cervezas in the sun at the Olympic Port was well deserved in the end and the management would like to thank all for their hard work for the year. It was such a shame that not everyone couldn't join us after their positive impact in the year. Our Technology Resourcer, Yasmeen Skelton, fell victim to the elements and unfortunately got stranded by the storm Katie.  Sarah Leask is currently off on maternity leave and helped a lot with our array of new agency clients. And of course Laura Walters, responsible for so much and who is also off on maternity leave at the moment. We are of course all really looking forward to having you both back when you're ready and helping to take the team to the next level of our amazing journey.
Until next year...

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