At The Candidate we work closely with local universities, offering digital marketing internships to students. These internships allow students to build valuable skills and gain experience that prepares them for their future post-graduate careers. Our client Transform have shared their case study about how one of their interns, Jack Maddix, found himself a job in their Marketing department. Read on to find his story and hear his tips for getting your foot in the door! 

Internship 240

Jack Maddix's journey to secure an internship with Transform, one of the UK's leading cosmetic surgery providers, entails what every great story does;
  • a lot of persistence
  • a little bit of luck  
  • and a great drawing of a sheep!?!

 First, a bit of background 

Back in 2012 Jack was a student at Sheffield Hallam University studying for a BA (hons) degree in Marketing. Part of the course involved a year- long work placement to give students a taste of working-life and to put the theory they had been learning about so far into practise!  

However, despite applying to around 20 companies, Jack hadn't managed to secure a single internship and his placement start date was fast approaching. Coincidentally, an opportunity at Transform popped up on Jack's University vacancy website one day and he decided to go for it.

Passion Pays 

One of the main reasons Jack was so interested in working at Transform was due to personal experience, having previously undergone laser surgery to improve his eyesight. He felt that his knowledge regarding the journey that anyone takes going into cosmetic surgery - from researching the best facility, to making that initial appointment, to actually undergoing the procedure - gave him a unique insight when it came to persuading Transform to take him on.

When it came to the interview itself, it was his passion for the subject and enthusiasm about being able to work with the country's longest-established cosmetic provider that really helped him to stand out.

Don't be a sheep - unless they ask you too! 

Whilst passion and enthusiasm will get you so far, anyone wanting to secure an internship needs to go the extra mile to stand out from other candidates. So, to give himself an advantage, Jack took a truly personal approach.  

He put together a two-part portfolio to show off both his academic work and present research that he'd done off his own back into the cosmetic surgery industry.

After an interview with Transform's Marketing Project/PR managers and a quick chat with the Marketing Director, it was time for Jack to show off his practical skills.  

First, he had to write a press release - so far, so standard - and then he had to draw a picture of a sheep.

This was quite a curve ball - after all, he was applying to be a marketing assistant, not a graphic designer. Instead of panicking, Jack took it in his stride and they must have appreciated his drawing because he was offered the internship! Baaaaa

Making the most of the opportunity 

Jack knew this was a golden opportunity to get as much experience as possible, in as many areas as possible. So over the year, he threw himself into as many areas as he possibly could. He helped update Transform's product literature, worked on research projects and attended photo/film shoots. He was also able to get directly involved with the patients themselves, by taking part in a press day where journalists listened to all of their life-changing stories.

And how did it all work out?

Fantastically well! After graduating in 2014 Jack was offered a full-time, (paid!) job by Transform, where he now works as a Marketing Co-ordinator. It's important to remember that not all internships lead to a job, but it certainly can help.

Jack's Top 3 Tips to help you secure that coveted internship!

  1. Do the research- you'll need to persuade the company you know all about them and be able to convincingly explain why you want to work for them
  2. Be ready for anything- there's going to be a surprise or two in your interview, so expect the unexpected
  3. You can only do your best- maybe you're not 100% confident that you'll be able to do everything in the job description. Never mind.  Just let them know you'll always give everything your best shot. 

Find out more about internships and careers at Transform by clicking here.

Or if you would like some information on doing an internship at The Candidate call 0161 833 1044 or email [email protected]! We would love to hear from you! 


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