What is it?

After a successful debate in 2012, the D&AD are returning for a second round, bringing together a leading group of creatives from around the country to discuss the 'Digital Revolution'. D&AD events are intended to inspire, stimulate discussion and fuel debate by representing the best in their creative fields.

When and where?

The event will take place on Wednesday 27th March 2013 from 7pm onwards at The Renold Theatre, Renold Building, Manchester University.

Who for?

Quite simply, this event is ideal for all those who are interested in all things digital and creative! It doesn't matter whether you're a student interested in a creative career or a professional already in the industry, you will gain a great insight into the topics at hand and get a chance to share your opinion with like-minded people.


What is the Digital Revolution and what does it mean for the future? Join Laura Jordan Bambach (Creative Director of Dare), Tomas Roope (Digital Director of The Rumpus Room), Drew Hemment (Founder of FutureEverything) and three new associates as they return to the stage to delve deeper into what the future will look like.

More Details?

For more details and to book tickets for this event click here.


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