Here at The Candidate it's hard to keep a track who's joining the team and who's getting promotions. It's been another successful quarter, adding to our most successful year to date!missfits

We've had two new starters and two internal promotions within the last month (you should see how many bagels we go through a week, seriously)!

The faces you already know are Daisy and Caldon who are recruitment professionals for everything eCommerce.

Caldon has been with The Candidate for a little under a year and has already used his compelling personality plus his drive to excel in everything he does to become the Senior Recruitment Consultant for the eCommerce team. He is keen to always match the right candidate to their dream job, which has resulted in receiving remarkable feedback from candidates and clients alike, consequently landing himself the next best step in his own career!

Having experienced many recruiters in the past, I can safely say Caldon is by far the best! Not only did he go the extra mile in helping me prepare for my interview, but he had excellent communication skills and a deep in-depth knowledge within eCommerce, which was extremely reassuring. Caldon was also on hand to answer any questions or queries I had, no matter what time of day it was. For this reason, I would highly recommend Caldon and the people at The Candidate, for their assistance in helping me find a new job opportunity. - David, 2015

After my experience in dealing with different recruiters during my job search, I can say with confidence that Caldon Henson has been the most trustworthy and reliable of them all. He makes the recruitment process a pleasant and personalised journey from start to finish, not to mention the professionalism and expertise that he delivers. I would highly recommend Caldon. Thanks again for finding the right job for me. - Beatriz, 2015


Then we have Daisy, who bounced into the office just six months ago and has already been promoted to eCommerce Recruiter. She excelled at the challenge of finding each of her candidates the perfect job. You only need to view her candidate feedback as evidence of her passion and commitment. She was initially a part of the candidate process, however fell in love with The Candidate's Clients too and has moved on to dealing with her own client base also. It's a credit to Daisy's resilience and work ethic that she has come so far in just six months!

Daisy is a dedicated and an incredibly friendly recruiter, and is honestly the best I've ever worked with. She really paid attention to my previous experience and listened to the type of jobs I was looking for, and found me two roles that were great fits for me, the most recent of which I am now in.  She was an excellent communicator, and made sure to check in with me before and after my interviews to make sure I was prepared and to see how they went, which I really appreciated. Thank you again for all your hard work. - Cat, 2105

I really can't praise Daisy enough. Friendly, professional, excellent communicator. I met Daisy through The Candidate as I was looking for work and she matched me up with a job and company I adore. She even checked up on me before and after the interview and on my first day, which really helped me feel good! She's a natural and I wish her a long and fruitful career! - Kathlyn, 2015


Then we move onto the faces that have started at The Candidate recently.

Rachel joins The Candidate from a recruiting background; she has brought a wealth of knowledge, wonderful organisational skills and an enjoyable sarcastic edge to the eCommerce team as the eCommerce Resourcer. She loves both client and candidate interaction and is usually found prepping candidates for interview. Say" "hi" to Rachel on twitter here or connect with her on LinkedIn.

A new face joining the Agency team is Simon (Yes, it's been confusing for us to have two Simon's in the office!) and he is looking after the digital/offline recruitment sectors within The Candidate as an Agency Recruitment Consultant. He comes from an extensive sales background within the media sector so is transferring his skills to assist our candidates ensuing employment in an industry he already knows so much about. Send him a tweet and say hello or connect with Simon on LinkedIn.

So, unless we missed something between brew rounds and bagels, this is everyone at The Candidate and their roles up to date. It's such an exciting time to be joining The Candidate as we are expanding at a quicker rate than ever before. Soon we will have to sit on each other's knees in the office.

The bagel buying will also have to increase, we will have to buy straight from the factory soon…


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