With the UK enjoying the lowest levels of unemployment in the last 40 years, research suggests that we are experiencing a massive skills shortages across digital and this has led to an uplift and change in the demand for freelancers. Justin Butcher, founder and strategy consultant at Shixian Ltd recently wrote a piece for The Candidate on the current market for digital freelancers and the pros and cons of using them. Read the full article here.


Justin Butcher, Shixian Ltd



The Benefits of freelancers.

Justin summarises the following points

  • They can provide greater value
  • They will work to suit your needs
  • They represent a lower financial risk
  • They’re easy to find and quick to hire
  • They’re often best for specific jobs
  • You can tap into their network

No exploration of the freelancer market would be balanced without acknowledging the cons and Justin honestly discusses how they are not suitable for certain environments.

  • They can go quiet for periods
  • They aren’t as invested in your company
  • They may disrupt the internal harmony
  • There can be a price to pay for flexibility

Final Thoughts

With the economic climate and the patterns of consumerism, there is likely to be a continuation and uplift in freelance activity so it has never been so important to understand when a freelancer will and will not fulfil business needs. 

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