Colin heads to Thessaloniki, Greece on a journey with the 5 European Universities to discuss and shape the latest steps in the development of a masters in digital marketing.

Masters In Digital Marketing

It's 28'c outside in Central Thessaloniki but it's the social media and digital marketing hot topics that are demanding the use of the air con system at City College in Greece! It's the 3rd leg of the JEMSS partner meetings, a project funded by the European Commission aimed at developing a leading Masters course in Digital Marketing. Representatives from leading universities across Europe bring insights into their respective local markets and sectors, delivering how they interact with Europe as a whole.

What is JEMSS all about?

The project is part of the development stage of the masers in digital marketing course which will open its doors next year. This course will educate students across Europe on the latest search and social media practices. Most importantly is will be offering a results orientated and hands approach on learning experience.

Focussing on ultimately benefitting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), from the florist in Poland to the advertising agency in the UK, it will give any student developing a career in Digital Marketing a Masters level education. The course will significantly benefit even the most undeveloped of SME business plans. The course gives students the opportunity to gain experience on an intern basis within host businesses with the view one day to seek full time employment in those or similar companies.

What will you able to learn?

The course content will cover everything that is current in Digital Marketing whilst trying to offer an insight into digital developments of the future. For example, the latest topics such as developing a Digital PR strategy, is recognised as one of the most important developments in Digital Marketing at the moment. Discussed in a workshop at the meeting, students and stakeholders gave their thoughts on the importance of content which assets are needed for a successful strategy and how this links with SEO, Social and the other core Content Marketing channels. This will be woven into the course and supporting material.

How can your business get involved?

As a project group, we're on the lookout for businesses that are willing to offer internships to students to help shape their marketing plans and implementations of these. As an associalted partner business of the course, you can help shape the content to ensure that we're developing a course, which is ultimately going to be beneficial to businesses such as your own.

Are you are interested to study on this course?

But students should read on too. As part of the project, we're determined on developing a digital marketing community across Europe, bringing together the leading thinkers, creative leaders and entrepreneurs to share their latest thoughts and insights into digital marketing developments. This is your opportunity to connect with experts from across the UK and Europe, get noticed and help develop your Digital Marketing career.


Both companies and students are welcome to engage with our community using the #Passion4Digital. This community is mainly based on Twitter but you are welcome to tag content related to Digital marketing on your favourite network:

Core outputs from the planning stage will be a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) and of course a leading textbook to provide insight into the background and development of digital marketing channels and strategies. The MOOC will offer students from across the world a learning experience and certificate for successful completion of the online course. The book will provide essential supporting information to the Masters course itself. We'd love your input into both so don't hesitate to sign up as a follower on the website to keep in the loop and become part of this exciting community!

Who are the project partners?

JEMMS Greece Meeting

Thanks to all of the contributing universities and partners at the meeting including:

-          The University of Salford, Salford Business School, UK

-          CITY College, Thessaloniki (International Faculty of The University of Sheffield), GreeceUniversity of National and World Economy, Bulgaria

-          University of Lodz, Poland

-          Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

-          The Candidate Ltd, UK

-          Innovatia Systems, Thessaloniki, Greece

Special thanks to Ana Cruz, Marketing Consultant and Lecturer at University of Sheffield, International Faculty CITY College for organising and hosting the event.

On a non-digital marketing note, Thessaloniki is a great place and we'd highly recommend tasting the local octopus by the port upon visiting this great city!  

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