Day two of SAScon, all jam packed with information on suffering SEO, search, paid social, millennials and the media, diffusion of innovators, influencer distribution PR, branding and targetability as well as much much more

It's day 2 of SAScon and we are here again to keep you up to date with our live blog! Follow us through the day and hear what is going on at this great conference minute by minute! 

Live Blog


Incase anyone is feeling a little wary we have water and refreshments for all at our stand! 


Richard Gregory introduces Day 2

He launched our research Read, Comment, Share

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We are here with Marty Weintraub, Founder and Evangelist of aimClear, from Minnesota, USA.


Starting out with a song and we can get the chance to go to The Stone Roses concert with him! He starts out with the headline: "what the hell is marketing now?" With great enthusiasm he jumps straight into the talk about native content and SEO!


Psychographic targeting is used for political publications. He addresses the issues of sponsored content interlinked in organic search.

'Why make news when you can just buy it?'


Why suffer at SEO? Why worry about it when you can just buy it? Social PPC Targeting Generation 5. Marty has done Facebook ads for 5 years. Now we have layered Psychographics and America gets a lot more data than Europe, which is a huge impact.

"Root" Behaviour Persona Intent

We are looking at purchase behaviour and where we get the data from. Most of the data information comes from our MasterCard.  The second layer is: Clarify With "Active" Filters to find the key words. Identifying personas, you look at what they buy and Mortgages. Lookalike modelling, which is used for targeting customers, where companies find new people, potential customers, who behave like current customers. This is found through current data migration of customer behaviour.  


The other word for PR is 'Influencer Marketing': Thought Leader, people who have authority, vertical media roles, community leaders.

Influencer distribution:  AKA PR distribution:
  • Links, Chatter, Citations

  • News SEO, Mentions, Interviews, Placed Articles

  • Customer Relations (support, branding, retention)

  • Investor Relations

  • Community Relations

  • Internal relations

  • Media relations

  • Crisis management

Looking at audience details from the data you retrieve from platforms like Twitter or even your mastercard.. Location, Interest, Behaviour, Job title, Income. 

Contact [email protected] for segmented package CVS

Marty is looking at personality targeting and not just creating profiles through data migration and consumer behaviour.



Retargeting Generation: Psychographic Filtering AKA turn social cookie pools over to performance marketers. Search PPC is so expensive now - turn readily available huge-social-data into attributable conversion.


This is what you look at when targeting

  • Sell something now!

  • Sell something later (PR, Retargeting)

  • Amplify Content




Search - Social

Retarget big key words into multiple platforms, Filtering big key words retargeting + vertical creative. Go vertical with creative!

Targeted ads to YOUR followers


  • Buy SEO in your space

  • Layer psychographics

  • Influence Influencers

  • Filter retargeting

  • Test Search & social Mashup




We are here with Laura Thomas from MediaCom talking Paid Social!

"If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative"

Are we restricted within paid social? We are tied into direct response, last click win, one dimensional paid social media. In the golden age of TV, it took us three months to understand if our TV advertising was effective. But Facebook has given users the power to know instantly through audience engagement on social media.


Social advertising has to empower us! We now know more about our audience than ever before, so we can target more effectively. And we have more creative options than ever before. Data is enabling personalisation at scale and we have so many opportunities for consumer engagement. Like through SnapChat and the filters, where companies can add a filter related to a brand.


The combinations of format and targeting offer endless opportunities for genuine valuable engagement. We are experiencing a blurring of approaches as paid social moves towards broadcast. We watch 40 years worth of live video daily!


Cultural moments! Like branded emoji, when using a hashtag on Twitter. Starbucks and the EUROs have used this.


Conversational Ads on Twitter

Have a video advert and create a conversation through Twitter Ads.


Facebook is focusing in Video now! Brands come to life on Facebook where people discover what matters to them. 8 billion video views on Facebook every day, 75% on mobile. Videos are evolving, especially with 360 videos and was the natural next step for a truly immersive experience, as it let people feel it. Facebook live is a game changer now!


Technology is empowering i the be creative its enabling heart and thumb-stopping work. Check out the campaign #LookingForYou 'There's a dog looking for you at Battersea'.


We're looking at great and successful campaigns: Twitter enabled Sweden steal the Super Bowl.



Here with Kristal Ireland from Leeds Agency Twenty Six on Gen Z, Millennials and Media!

What is a millennial? Everyone born after 1982 and before 2000 basically! They are tech-savy, fun, innovative, lazy, smart, selfish, spoiled and boring!! This generation is loyal to brands and very technology driven!  
Key characteristics:
Narcissistic, but also self aware.
Lazy and entitled, but limited access to jobs/housing



big brother


The 5 distinct tribes of Millennials

  1. The Influencers

  2. The Adopters

  3. The Apprentices

  4. The Entertained

  5. The Contented

Why is the media so obsessed with Millennials?

The Money? The Future of technology led brand interaction?

Slick Digital Experiences Are Demanded.  


As Marketers we crave delivering what's new and trend led. But innovation should be used at a product level. Established players are facing an existential crisis…..

 Mil Cartoon


Stop viewing Millennials as 'The Other'

They are the here and now…..

In summary

brands do

So what can brands do?.. Be Authentic

  1. 55% rank brands that stand for high quality as being authentic

  2. 44% said brands who talked to them as a real person seemed more authentic

Ethical buying…..

Be sincere! 


Lunch Break - Yums


sas lunch



We have had our lunch now and we're ready with Lisa Myers from Verve Search talking Creative campaigns for SEO!


Thinking framework for creative campaigns! People don't buy WHAT you do, but WHY you do it. What you do is just the proof.


Diffusion of Innovations

  • Innovators

  • Early Adopters

  • Early Majority

  • Late Majority

  • Laggards

Everytime we do campaigns, it has to be close to our values and vision.

"The idea needs to be simple and compact enough to be sticky and meaningful enough to be different"

  1. Does it support our vision and values?

  2. Simple yet meaningful core ideas?

  3. Easy to use

Plans just don't work in the battlefield. - plans that are small can continue to build momentum and keep adding layers. Don't always stick to the plan go where the campaign leads you. Emotional investment through collaborations makes outreach


Data and emotions are your friends.

Nostalgia and history + technology = sweet spot

TV coverage organically is the best thing to get!

sas battlefield


sas 100 people

The 100 People Theory

How can people with the same background act differently? HOW YOU THINK

How you succeed? Not how - WHY! Passion, Determination, Belief


Money Ladder Paragram

A lab with 5 monkeys and there was a ladder with bananas. Every time they tried to reach for the bananas, so they sprayed water at them until they stopped. Then they brought in a new monkey who went straight for the bananas, then the other monkeys started to beat up the monkey. Then they brought in another monkey and the monkey that wasn't sprayed helped beat up the new monkey and didn't know why.  

'It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you are. It's all about mindset!'


We're here with Joanna Parnell, Managing Partner at MEC (who features in our latest research )

Big draw to manchester was the agency that i was coming to work for.


Channel and content- why does this matter?

Where is it done badly?...

Examples news content matched with media content. Fan fighting in France overlaid with waking dead zombie (not appropriate)

Ladies in bikini overlaid on mans Facebook page

Random hashtags that aren't relevant ie sticking #RIPprince on end of homebase tweet



It's about the experience. Today we are so lazy that we don't even want to flip our screen, so we need to make it easier for the user to catch the attention and increase the engagement.

It's about the context and the attention span.


How do we determine the appropriate channel?

Introducing MEC Momentum

mec momentum

Passive stage - Trigger - Active Stage - Purchase (and it's a cycle, because once you've bought one pair of shoes, you will buy another pair)

We operate in the active stage of content and the user experience is affected from all stages. Think about the whole cycle and then build your content around that.  


Don't follow the herd, it's already too crowded out there!

We have to rely on paid media a lot more these days. Stand out and have a point of view - but don't do it on the wrong way!


Audience outputs drive content planning!

What's important - What we do - How long we take.


70% linking and liking happens in the Passive Stage


To summarise...


Moving on to Smoking Gun PR, Managing Director RICK GUTTRIDGE

The challenges we all face:

  1. Revolutionary age

  2. Greater complexity

  3. Greater noise & clutter

  4. Demands for ROI

  5. Greater convergence

  6. Yet, great opportunities

There are so much noise out there and the demand is so high! PR is trying to help a warmer globe about brands through earned media.


We need to evolve our brand archetypes - be less of a magician!

Intelligent Measurement is one of the most crucial tasks we in PR need to address

Measure the smoke! Dashboard of brand heuristics! PR without intelligent measurement is Fluffy PR.


Step 1: Channel Audit

Strength/weaknesses of channel


Stage of transaction for target

Synergies within channels

Step 2: Intelligent measurement audit

What needs to be measured?

What evaluation opportunities within channels?

What tracking opportunities within channels?

What potential for iteration?

And that is all the sessions we are able to catch, wow weren't they brilliant!! Until next year guys!


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