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Are you ready to take on a new challenge? According to a recent study nearly 60% of the UK work force are considering a move in 2015.

The annual Sentiment Job Poll, commissioned by Investors in People (IIP), reveals key trends across the UK workforce, including job satisfaction, the number of people looking to move jobs and the reasons for doing so. In the most recent report, findings show a record 57% of those surveyed are considering new opportunities. That's an increase of 10% from the previous year!

So why the change of heart? Almost a third of those surveyed believe the job market has improved and are feeling more optimistic about a career move.

5 things to make you think about looking for a new job

You're working like mad, you're taking home less than you're spending and you're hardly even able to afford pay per view TV, never mind being able to upgrade to Sports or Movies. Get a handle on the average salaries for your role; weigh it up against where you will be on that scale in the next 6 or 12 months and aim for that, otherwise start looking!

What are the opportunities like where you are? If you're media career orientated then talk openly about the potential plans in your appraisal. Where can you go and how can you get there? Get a plan together and aim for it. That way if you can't progress then you'll know at least what your next step should be then start looking elsewhere! Developing your media career will see you reach amazing heights!

City centre is great, but not when it's Christmas and traffic is hectic, or just as the students all come back to university and buses literally clog every road! Likewise the countryside has its issues, hard to get to after 3 inches of snow or too easy to get stuck behind a tractor on way to an important meeting. If you're on your way to the marketing department or media agency and the trams are getting to you or the drive past manure fields are driving you mad then start thinking, where would I actually like to work?

The sector you work in can become tedious. It's your life and skills are transferable so have a look at applying your valuable energy into something new. Speak to people you know in other jobs and industries and make the move before it is too late. Life is short.

Media Agency or Client Side
The big debate! Which side should I work for and when? Which best suits my lifestyle and which opens the greatest opportunities. There are loads of different reasons here so do your research! We talk to candidates almost daily about these choices, its your marketing career so understand it then decide if to move!

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About IIP: Formed in 1991, Investors in People was established by the UK Government to help organisations get the best from their people. Two decades later, our Standards are at the cutting edge of people management excellence, and our accreditation is proudly held by over 15,000 organisations across 75 countries.


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