Having recently started his role as Technology Recruitment Executive here at The Candidate, we caught up with Sam Such about how it was all going so far!



What is your new role at The Candidate and what will you be working on?

My role at The Candidate is working within Technology Recruitment. This means I help our candidates find new and exciting roles; whether that’s as a developer, engineer, consultant or project management. The possibilities of roles and clients to work with are endless.

What has been the highlight of your new role so far?

The personal highlight so far for me was earning my first contribution towards a fee. Being able to see my hard work resulting in money coming in was a real treat – and I can’t to get some more in!

Who should speak to you?

Anyone looking in or looking to join the world of tech development should speak to myself or Jack, our Senior Tech Recruitment Consultant. We work with a wide range of candidates, from highly experienced engineers to new graduates ready to start their journey!

Thanks Sam! If you're looking for your next Tech role, give Sam a call on 0161 833 1044 or email [email protected].