We caught up with experienced North-West based Product Owner James Morris on all things product and how things have changed in his 16 years out of University! It was really interesting to find out from someone with so much experience, how much the product scene and market has changed since he was just starting out as a fresh faced 22 year old. Also, some great tips for anyone working in a technical role but wants to break into a product centric role – as this is what James did himself!


James Morris, Product Owner


What do you think are the biggest challenges the product market is facing post-covid?

Hiring good product people who really understand how to find out what the most important things to work on and can pull everyone together has always been a challenge, however post covid, where most teams have at least some people working remotely, I think the biggest challenge is ensuring everyone on the team is engaged and have a good understanding of the goals we’re trying to achieve as a team.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to break into a Product role?

Don’t be afraid to get things right first time (it rarely happens!), good Products are built by getting continual feedback from customers and not being afraid to build something that might not work.

I’d also advise reading up on agile methodologies (Scrum / Kanban) and try to get on a Product Owner course in order to give you a good understanding from the beginning.



Some great advice here for anyone that’s in a junior role out of University at the moment and wants to break into the wide world of Product! James has worked in some great industries on some fascinating projects – it's great that he’s able to share his helpful insight with the community!

Thanks James!


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