It's back for another year!

Laura Walters, our Executive Search - Board Director, has reached out to her experienced and connected network of Marketing experts to discover the top trends they forecast for 2023!

With everything from tackling the cost of living crisis, to the increasing focus on technology and the environment, keep reading to find out what you can expect from the industry over the year ahead and get ahead of the curve!

Laura Walters, Executive Search - Board Director


Chris Barcroft - Paid Media Consultant

Three things I can see happening:

  • Bots are going to become more of a burden, especially given the growing reliance on quality conversion data to drive performance. There is growing evidence of Russian bots in particular causing problems for leads generation websites. Third party click blocking tools will become increasingly used. However, alone they may not be enough, and paid media professionals will look at alternative approaches to prevent bot traffic such as on-site Captcha technology, and using conversion values cleverly to apply more value to conversions from genuine leads. There is also likely to be a focus on AB testing different click-blocking tools, rather than just taking the success of these tools for granted.
  • Automation will increasingly help with day-to-day paid media management, although this will not mean that the need for agencies and freelancers is diminished. Instead, quality consultants will adapt their service offering, and contracts will begin to look increasingly at broader multi-channel projects (with fewer hours on each channel) with a greater focus on attribution and underlying strategy to drive business-level growth for clients.
  • Generally speaking, there will be a major, general focus from many retailers on price / value throughout the year and this will take increasing focus away from messages around sustainability or reliability. However, this will be adapted at an audience-level, with those groups less affected by the recession still being served more messages pertaining to quality.


Rich Higham - Head of Digital

  • Be interactive! Engage, engage, engage. Interactivity drives increased recall which makes your creative and media marketing strategy more cost effective.
  • Be meaningful in an age of anxiety. It’s not surprising news that we’re facing challenging times in business, home and every turn we take it’s a new challenge. Confidence is low, stand out and help lift the mood - make people smile. Add moments of joy and enable self-expressionism.
  • Reframing the cost of living crisis as an opportunity to accelerate sustainability.
  • Explore opportunities to facilitate the secondary market for your products.
  • Start to look at real time moments to join in conversation – can you plan further ahead to have assets to share as and when planned moments occur so you have relevance to your audience?
  • Social is becoming a source for news/ passive browsing – how can you have longevity with brand ads in this space rather than lower funnel DR.
  • Consider the role of cultural comms and characters in social in particular to drive resonance. Could there be a role of collaborations?


Nicholas Rigby - Marketing Manager

I predict there will be an increasing focus on ESG (environmental, social, and governance). We’re seeing our customers and prospects show an increasing interest in this, so I’m having to educate myself on what is going on in the market and how we should be talking about it with respect to our products.



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