Hybrid working is here to stay. Whether you’re a parent working from home, or early in your career, it’s important for businesses to include everyone in creating their work culture. In my role, I see many ways for clients to achieve this, and what works for one business may not work for the next.

To gain further insight into how his view cuts through all levels and sectors, I reached out to my network to see what initiatives their businesses are implementing, and any advice they have in helping their staff (especially working parents) to work remotely. 

Laura Walters, Executive Search - Board Director


Toby Wilman - Lead Talent Partner at Infinity Works part of Accenture

Embrace the change

I've been in recruitment for around 7 years now and I will admit before the pandemic the discussions I was having about flexible and remote working were few and far between. A high percentage of customers I was working with weren't even considering it to be something they offered their people. This has drastically changed over the last few years, for the better. It was a topic that never really got discussed much beforehand and to now have it as a topic that is one of the first and most important questions asked is crazy but incredible, especially when I myself have really experienced the benefits of hybrid working. 

As a company, we've supported a number of working parents to go down to four or even three day weeks if that's what they've needed. Everyone else now has the ability to manage their own time to help them have a better work life balance through hybrid working. 


Todd Pilling - GMP Consultant at Brainlabs

Get into a Routine

I do not currently manage anyone, however my team have a daily stand up for 15 minutes to check in on everyone, workloads, important pieces of work and if they need support anywhere. It also keeps us in the loop and we feel like a team each morning getting to see (some) smiling faces over zoom at 9AM.

Keep in touch

I have various 1-2-1 catch ups and calls throughout the week maintains relationships. We also have dedicated calls for each project and client meaning we can address all issues in one go, instead of sending copious amounts of messages.  Kahoot quizzes keep remote learning interesting, and training online means it can be recorded for future use.

It’s more than creature comforts

Home setup and comforts definitely help, having a second screen, a comfy chair and all the wires I need. But additionally to that, we have capabilities for mentoring, feedback forms on happiness and general well being check-ins. Team moral also helps, so ensuring people enjoy work means that putting in extra effort doesn’t go unnoticed.


We would love to assist you with any of the areas discussed in this blog. We have seen such a lot of change over the last few years and not only are we at the forefront of this, we are also experiencing it first hand with our own team and company. The discussion around flexibility, remote, and connected working when viewed alongside attraction and retention of talent has never been so significant. This is not just a buzz topic to discuss at an SLT meeting or to brush over in an interview or review meeting, this is not just a trendy way of working -flexibility is here to stay and those that get left behind in this area will be at risk of losing respect and confidence from the market. Policies need to be in place and we all need to take a reflexive approach to the way we are working going into 2023 and far into the future.

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