Kate Campbell is the founder of Wonderlust, a business on a mission to enable personal, professional and worldwide changes through joyful education, innovative training and playful implementation of creative thinking for everyone.

Kate has kindly written us this article to reflect on why and how to best bring wonder and creative thinking into your every day, career and life goals.


 The London Arts in Health Forum comment that: “There is a growing body of research that shows what a massive positive impact creativity can have on our wellbeing.”

And in a survey by IBM: “Creativity was ranked as the number one factor for future business success.”

So why is creative thinking not utilised more to future-proof both our professional skills and our wellbeing? The answer, in my opinion, lies in the fact that we simply believe we don’t have time to be creative. And perhaps we don’t know how to be, because it is that long since we were.

Well I’m here to tell you otherwise! 




When we reframe our understanding of ‘creativity’ away from the actions and the ‘doing’ and focus more on the cultivation of our creative THINKING skills, that’s when we get the lightbulb moment. “I can be creative, easily and quickly!” You just need to know how.

So take this PRESCRIPTION FOR WONDER - the precursor to creativity - and change your THINKING as well as your work prospects and your wellbeing.

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So how can you ACTUALLY inject wonder into your working day in order for it to have a positive impact on the growth of you as an employee or business owner, AND the business itself? Here’s one way (and it’s easier than you think!):

  1. On your route to work (or when you’re out on your morning dog-walk if you work from home!) turn it into a ‘Wonder Walk’...
  2. Consciously NOTICE your surroundings…
  3. Use all your senses… 
  4. Then ask yourself, with a child-like curiosity and playful freedom of thought, how can you take what you’ve noticed and use it in your work. 

For example, if you noticed the criss-cross aeroplane lines in the sky, can this relate to the different directions your customers are pulled in, and how you need to find the sweet-spot where they all cross? Or if you smelt the fresh bakery on the corner, could you use a story about a nostalgic smell to bring your clients into line with your way of thinking? (Or maybe just treat them to a doughnut!) Or finally, how about if you noticed someone helping an elderly man across the street - could the care and attention they gave for those short moments be translated into how you care and pay attention to your team?

It is in those snatched moments of ‘in between’ time when we can start to notice what we’d otherwise miss, and use this to THINK more creatively. The cumulative effect leads to great benefits and a much more innovative, forward-thinking and growth-focused business. 

Gifting yourself a regular dose of WONDER resets your equilibrium; it brings you back into balance and provides a fresh new perspective on whatever you’re struggling with - be that work or personal issues. 

It’s also a hell of a lot of FUN! Something else which should be prescribed more often, don’t you think?

So if you do nothing else after reading this, I would LOVE you to take a moment to simply wonder about when you can wonder - and then realise you’re already doing it!


If you’d like to know more about the benefits and joy of living and working with more creative thinking and wonder, you can find out more at www.thisiswonderlust.com or find me on Instagram @this.is.wonderlust

Now take that prescription and run with it! It will be wonder-full!


Thank you so much Kate!

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