Digital careers in Manchester are plentiful with the continued investment in the region and the emerging Northern Powerhouse. Advertising agency jobs, digital marketing jobs and online marketing jobs all offer entry level positions, so if it's a new career you're after, Manchester and the Northwest has it all. Or maybe you're a re-locator, looking for a digital job to boost your career or want to spread your wings to avoid being pigeonholed into specific role? Read on and we can hopefully find the right digital marketing role for you. We specialise in online jobs such as PPC jobs, SEO jobs and social media jobs and can offer you the career advice to help your career blossom digitally!

As the clock starts counting down to the end of the year and you're full of festive cheer and perhaps a little fragile - it's that time where people start making New Year's resolutions (and probably failing to stick to them like so many people do). Why not make one you will stick to, and endeavour to find the career you love?

It is believed that 80% of people are dissatisfied in their jobs and therefore want to start a new career or a different direction maybe. We all hear people complain with 'I'm not happy in my career and 'I need a newjob'- if you're one of these people, then why not over the festive period start searching for that new job?

Even the thought of finding a new marketing job may seem daunting but January is the busiest and the best time to kick start your digital marketing career. Be proactive, positive and believe that your new online marketing job is right around the corner.

Here at The Candidate, we have put together a few pointers for securing that new job.

Identify Your Skills.

Identify your skills, and realise where they can lead you. Dream of being a Digital Director? A Marketing Manager, or even an Advertising Agency Director - You can get there! List your skills, your work experience, past successes - and don't be put off by learning new digital marketing skills, employers like a person who can learn. Looking for voluntary opportunities are a great way to build specific skills and many employers will view it as eager and enthusiasm to learn

Update Your Marketing CV

Keep your CV updated with all your experience, even the littlest thing is worth putting on if you are at entry level. Your part-time job as a student gained you more skills than you realise. Make sure all your contact details are up to date, and use a professional email address, the one you made in year 7 'Princesscharlottexoxo' won't make you look good, create a professional one. Include your employment history, your education and qualifications, and make sure your personality shines through! Keep it simple, and make it great.

Explore Your Options

There are thousands of marketing jobs out there that may be perfect for you, but find the one that will make you enjoy your mornings! You don't want to be setting your alarm for 6am to realise you don't like your new job. Now you know your strengths/skills and have your CV updated you can search the job market and find your job! However, many people think they can do everything. While you may have skills in every corner, find a job that will use these skills frequently. Aim high, stay focused and be positive.

Go Online

The world of digital and social media has blown up over recent years. Create a LinkedIn account, and connect with industry professionals. Tidy up your Facebook; pictures of you drunk on a night out won't make you look professional, post things that are relevant. On a professional network like LinkedIn, be active and post engaging content that is relevant to your desired position or industry.

Prepare For Your Interview

Read up on the company; know what awards they have won, learn about their company ethos, know about the industry you're about to enter - whether you have been working for years, refine your knowledge. Look smart, arrive at least 15 minutes early and be confident.

Speak to a marketing recruitment consultant here at The Candidate

Our recruitment consultants are trained in finding you the perfect job. Don't be scared to ask them any questions you might have, not sure if a job will be suited to you? Then give us a ring! Not sure if you possess the required skills for the job, our consultants will spend the time talking to you to direct your career. We have a variety of digital marketing jobs on our website that may be suited to you, start looking now!

This is a new year's resolution you can stick to, start the journey to finding your new job today! Start by giving us a call, look at our available jobs and begin the New Year full of happiness.

Give us a call today on 0161 833 1044 and speak to one of our award winning team. To see our latest jobs click here.


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