After working as an analyst for various companies, Alice joins the team with her data and tech experience in tow! Using her knowledge to her clients build out their tech teams, as well as her candidates find the data jobs of their dreams! She sits within the Data and Tech team, and enjoys digging deeper into all things technical as she works. Read below all about her transition from data to recruitment!

Alice Moore - Data & Technology Recruitment Consultant



What is the best thing about working at The Candidate?

Without sounding cringey, there is a long list! Everyone that works here is so supportive and always there to lend a hand and we all get on really well. There are also lots of perks that can’t be overlooked - since I have been here we have been for countless meals, drinks, and even a trip to Barcelona all expenses paid! We also get involved in lots of events which is always fun - one of my favourites is Technically Speaking, a really great afterwork analytics meetup in Manchester with drinks and food! I am also a Digital Her role model with Manchester Digital and have really enjoyed getting involved in that so far!


Who should speak to you?

I would say anyone - as everyone here knows I am a super chatty person! But being a little more specific, anyone in data or tech! Whether that is people looking for a new role within the field, hiring for your business, or even someone that wants to get into the industry and has no idea how to go about it, feel free to reach out! I am always here to answer any questions or assist in any way possible.


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