MMU Agency Life

For the past few years, The Candidate has and continues to work closely with Manchester Metropolitan University, hiring students to come into the office one day a week to gain experience in the industry and develop skills for future employment.

In this day and age, a proactive approach to gaining experience and building up the CV is vital to stand out when getting a job once students graduate. As you can see the Agency Life unit is a proactive way for students to become more attractive when applying for jobs/graduate schemes.

'This unit allows you to engage in workplace practice and develop employability skills in the context of a real world organisation. You will learn about aspects of organisational culture and professional working practice in the context of internships at marketing; retailing; public relations and digital agencies and functions.'

This year we have 3 students coming from varied degrees and backgrounds, read why they chose to complete the Agency Life unit:

Kicki Holm - Ba(Hons) Marketing Management

I think Agency Life is a fantastic opportunity to get work experience while you study and put theory in to practice. Personally, I do like to study, but I have always preferred to work and learn through practice and Agency Life provides that opportunity. I also chose Agency Life as it prepares me for the job market and can assist in creating a big network with the industry even before I graduate.

Charlotte Daw - Ba(Hons) Digital Media and Marketing

The reason I chose to do Agency Life was because I wanted to gain experience in a real working environment, building up my knowledge, ability and communication skills so when I graduate I have a strong understanding of what employers are looking for, especially in the digital marketing industry.  During Agency Life, I will also be able to work on my confidence skills so that I am able to enter the working world with a positive attitude.

Samantha Keegan - Ba(Hons) PR & Marketing

I chose to do the Agency Life programme as it offers individuals the chance to gain real work experience. You have the chance to develop pre-existing skills and learn new skills to help you progress in your career. It's a great way to build connections and helps you build your CV. It's a great opportunity to get your foot on the career ladder.

Here are The Candidate we know the importance of giving students work experience so much so we end up relying on them and look forward to having them in the office, giving them experience in everything digital marketing.


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