The relatively recent emergence and development of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) originated from the massive growth of data-driven marketing where marketers use quantitative insights and trends to make key marketing decisions. In this article, we hear from Abbie Senior who started her career as an Analytics and Conversion Executive at a large network agency and progressed through the ranks to become a CRO Manager at Manchester United Football Club. She explains why businesses should have a CRO department and what qualities great CRO people have.

CRO Manager Manchester Abbie Senior

Abbie Senior, Optimisation and Analytics Manager 


What to look for in good CRO people:

  1. Process Driven Individuals
  2. Analytical and data-driven people

Abbie warns to watch out for generic optimisers as they aren’t focused on one specialised area if they are too general and doing a variety of ‘specialisms’ there is the danger that this will dilute the quality of their work.

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