Recruitment Operations Manager, Rachel Wilson gives us an overview of her findings from the Marketing Contracting Research and how this recruitment solution can benefit both businesses and employees.

We recently released our exclusive white paper giving insight into the use of marketing contractors across the North West. We gathered responses from contractors across the region from a wide range of backgrounds and levels, and analysed the results. Of those we surveyed, over half were Digital Strategists, including Manager and Heads of Departments. I have had a look at how the use of contractors can be beneficial to the senior market (Director level) and the advantages to both employer and employee.


Leading on from the level of experience contractors bring, we found that “Using contractors gives the luxury of affording director-level experience without having a full-time director-level salary”. It’s always important for a company to keep an eye on their finances, so finding a way of bringing in the experience they need, without the expected cost would almost certainly be beneficial. Spending less on this level of experience means that the money can be spent on growing the business rather than on employee overheads.


Higher Average Remuneration
Whether money is the most important factor when looking for a new role is very personal, however I think we can all agree it carries some level of importance with everyone. The average daily rate of marketing contractors has increased in the last 4 years; for director-level roles it has increased 42%. Our research found that “In 2016 100% of respondents said their average daily rate was up to £400, yet in 2019 this varies from up to £400 to £1,000”. Add this increase in salary to the flexibility often seen for contract roles, and it’s easy to see why there has been an increase in the number of contactors, especially at a senior level.

Marketing Contract Recruitment Specialists

In all it can be see that for clients, using contractors can offer advantages of gaining skills from all parts of the country with contractors travelling and even working remotely. It also give the options of having specialised skills on tap and for a specific time but with a more affordable price tag in comparison to a permanent recruit.

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