The pandemic has meant that a lot of us are now working from home, and even starting new jobs from our kitchen tables via Zoom – but what impact has this had for businesses when bringing a new member onboard remotely?

The last year has presented many challenges when it comes to working remotely, but the idea of ‘remote onboarding’ is something that remains largely undiscussed! We spoke to Kerry Carrick, Group Account Director at Space and Time, about how the process has changed for the agency, and what they’re doing to make it easier for themselves and their new starters.


Have you received any feedback from your new starters?

Yes we’ve had feedback in that some new starters have found it more challenging onboarding because of the lack of natural conversation – some feel they don’t want to interrupt existing team members with questions or queries by video calling, in an office environment it’s much easier to find an opportunity to do this. We always stress to the new starter that we actively encourage them to ask questions, our Teams chat is always open and their line managers check in with them on a daily basis at least.

Any tips for other businesses that are apprehensive, or are thinking about remote onboarding?

I think the most important thing is to encourage regular and open communication – it’s daunting starting a new role, more so when you’re sat at home alone over thinking ‘is this right’ ‘do I really understand this?’ ‘what should I be doing now’ – it’s so much easier to reassure people when you’re face to face. Also, be prepared for IT problems from the off!


A big thank you to Kerry for taking the time to give us her insight on this highly relevant topic! Has your business had to make the change to virtual onboarding due to the pandemic? Let us know how it's been for you!

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