Having worked in recruitment for over 6 years, Katy Nagy has recently joined us at the The Candidate to lead the Creative and Contracts team! We spoke to her about how she found the onboarding process, her experience at The Candidate so far, and her insights about the industry. 


What is your new role at The Candidate and what will you be working on?

I am leading the Creative & Contracts team, and covering a large area of the market. Anything from UX & Digital, to Motion & Video, through to Graphic Design & Creative is my remit. There is a huge amount of synergy with my colleagues, and we are working incredibly closely together to provide our clients and candidates alike the best support.


What changes have you seen in the market in the last 18 months?

IR35 and COVID has had a huge impact on the Creative & Contract market. The flexibility of working remotely has opened up so many opportunities for candidates, and companies to really widen their talent pool. Obviously IR35 has added some complexity to the Contracts market but, as things have started to settle down and people are getting into the swing of it, the potential difficulties have definitely reduced. Companies have also had to adapt their interview processes to keep up with the faster marketplace; candidates are slightly spoilt for choice with the number of opportunities available at the moment.


Who should speak to you?

Anyone looking for a new career in Creative or looking advice on the Contracts market. Similarly, any company looking for support with their recruitment strategy and how to navigate the IR35 rules.


Thank you Katy! If you want to get in touch about come amazing Creative and Contract opportunities, then send her an email - [email protected] or call 0161 833 1044 today!

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