Wellbeing at work is not just a trending topic on LinkedIn, it's a vital component of running a successful business and retaining top talent. We sat down with Emma-Louise Fusari, founder of In-House Health and #WellTech expert, to discuss how her business helps digital tech companies avoid employee burnout, work-related stress, and boost wellbeing.



Emma-Louise Fusari, founder of In-House Health


What is next for you guys?

The next stage is to get some more companies on board the M.E.T.A Programme® as early adopters so we can start building our products and services to deliver even more value and even better tangible results for digital tech organisation and the wider tech sector.

What are your top tips for implementing a wellbeing strategy?

You probably have a strategy for most areas of your business but when it comes to employee wellbeing, this important piece of strategy is often missing. Here are some things for you to consider, keeping in mind immediate support as well as more long term and preventative approaches to help your people thrive and your organisation succeed.

  1. First and foremost, ensure leadership and management are bought in to developing and delivering a strategy; they should be acting as role models in your organisation.
  2. Consider your business objectives and what you will measure to ensure your strategy is impacting both people health and wellbeing and your business outcomes.
  3. Engage employees in all stages of the development and roll out of the strategy.
  4. Measure, measure, measure. If it’s not measured, it can’t be managed (I know someone that can help with that!). A strategy is a live document, not something that gets done once and filed away.
  5. Start small. Individual Wellbeing Action Plans are a great (and free) tool to embed wellbeing conversations and support into your culture. Click here for a Wellbeing Action Plan Template and A Manager’s Guide.

Thank you so much Emma-Louise! If you would like any more information about In-House Health, then just click here.

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