Will Knox a Business Management Student from MMU joined us in our Marketing Department for some digital marketing work experience this summer. Read his story and how he has benefited from work experience in an agency.

 Digital Marketing Work Experience
Will Knox Digital Marketing Intern

I began my second year of university with the aspirations of achieving good marks and obtaining an internship for the summer. The process of trying to nail down an internship started in October 2016, and I knew then it was going to be a long year ahead. I sent out lots of applications, and made it through various stages of the interview but was never successful in securing a position. What struck me the most from the internship process was the sheer competitive nature. For every single role that I applied, I was competing against so many people, it became disheartening when there was constant rejection. However, I carried on researching and applying, and I couldn’t be happier that I did!

One day, I was looking through Manchester Metropolitan University’s career hub, and I saw an advertisement for The Candidate’s placement scheme. It is open to students studying on a marketing course. After some more research, I came across a blog that was written by Isabelle Turner from The Candidate. She stated that she was offered some work experience over the summer for a Digital Marketing role. This sounded like a great prospect, so I also emailed The Candidate asking about the chance of some work experience.

Melanie (Marketing and Operations Executive) got back to me and invited me for a chat and written test. After expressing my desire to gain some work experience, and succeeding in the written test, I was offered work experience. Finally, the hard work had paid off!

I hadn’t had an office job before so I was nervous to begin my internship. However, as soon as I arrived everyone from the team gave me the warmest of welcomes. The marketing team was extremely helpful and guided me through the training process. It made me feel really relaxed and therefore, I picked up the skills quickly. The recruiters, who are always very busy recruiting, were also very friendly and always happy to answer my annoying questions! 

Now 2 months through my internship, I am astonished that an environment as demanding as recruitment could be so enjoyable at the same time. I have worked on so many different things and gained some invaluable skills. I have worked on all aspects of Digital marketing through posting adverts on social media, CMS (website usage), producing job specifications and much more. I was also lucky enough to even attend SAScon, which is one of the UK’s finest Search, Analytics, and Social Media Conferences! It’s been a fantastic experience so far, and I am so glad that I got in contact with The Candidate; they have genuinely provided me some excellent skills for the future.

My expectations for the internship were eclipsed completely by The Candidate. Brian and Colin have a fantastic working philosophy that inspires and motivates everyone. I haven’t been here that long but it’s clear to see that The Candidate has a very bright future. There are more and more stellar clients reaching out to The Candidate all the time. On a candidate basis, the recruiters are really friendly but also very professional; it’s inspiring to see the quality of service they are providing. On a social aspect, when The Candidate knows they have achieved the targets they want to, there are plenty of enjoyable functions; team nights out, lunches and summer parties!

The Candidate is a top business and I think anywhere you can enjoy coming into work, get on with everyone around you, and achieve outstanding results is something to be admired. My words of advice for anyone seeking work experience is to not give in until you get an internship and preferably if you can… get an internship at The Candidate! You’ll have to do pretty well to find a more enjoyable, yet professional, internship. I look forward to the future knowing I have some great skills to bring with me!

A summary about an internship at the Candidate:

  1. Gain great skills within Digital Marketing and also offline marketing
  2. A fantastic working environment, join a great team many of which I now consider friends
  3. Very enjoyable social events which have been a great opportunity to network in the industry
  4. A less corporate approach to work still delivering outstanding results
  5. Contributing to the business and seeing your work and efforts paying off! i.e. write a job specification, see someone apply and get the job!

If like Will you would like some work experience get in touch with Melanie @MelsyTelsy or email your CV to [email protected]


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