"You're 100% my type on paper!"

Have you ever noticed any similarities between your last date and a job interview? Both experiences share the same pre-show nerves, picking out the perfect outfit, showing yourself in the best light, and the hope that it’s going to go well! 

With it being the month of love and a busy time for job applications, we wanted to give you some tips that might just land you that next job (and a second date!).


Share similarities

Be authentic! Look for a company that shares your values and allows you to be yourself. After all, this is a big commitment so you don’t want to settle for something that doesn’t quite click! Trust your instincts – if a job looks great on paper but feels off, it may not be right for you.  

Trust the process

Being patient is key when job hunting as well as dating. Sometimes the perfect opportunity will come when you least expect it. You may face rejection on a few occasions, but it’s important to learn from every encounter and never give up! We know it can get tedious, but rest assured if you ever need any support – The Candidate will be able to help.

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(Written by Seren Sayer)

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