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Wherever they see themselves, teaching English in Tai Pei or hiking in Honduras, nearly a third of graduates expect to be out of the industry in 2 years. Ouch!

What can agencies do to strengthen retention?

While attracting educated, inquisitive, adventure seeking marketers into the industry in the first place has got to be a good thing, what's not so good is that such a high proportion don't intend to hang around. It's a significant wanderlust driven churn rate that needs to be addressed. Sabbaticals? Extended leaveoptions? Job sharing? Directorship fast-tracking?

Here's one clear answer - training. In fact training and development was cited as the main reason why most digital marketers left their first role.

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Technological developments, best practices and industry 'thinking' move fast and it's essential that marketers workhard to ensure their skills are at the bleeding edge. It's a knowledge race.

It's clear that agencies offering an educational environment and putting a premium on ongoing knowledge refresh find it much easier to retain talent. Those who don't, don't.

Do you?

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