Looking for a talented individual to join your team? Here at The Candidate, we have a plethora of new clients keen to further their career so take a look at our Top Digital Talent for July of only the best digital marketing candidates!


Data Analyst - £26,000 - Immediately available
If you're looking for an experienced candidate with 5 years of confident working across analytical contracts for a number of sectors, then we have the candidate for you. This candidate is eager to progress their career into a full time role within an agency or with a client and looking for an opportunity to utilise their skills and knowledge of SQL, Oracle and Excel! 

PPC Executive - £25,000 - 4 weeks’ notice
This candidate has extensive experience in PPC with confidence using google Adwords, bing ads, google shopping, Google Analytics, A/B testing, analysing key metrics and is ready to learn more! They also have an impressive work history with managing 6 figure budgets in their 3+ years' experience in paid search. If you're looking to meet with our client, get in touch now!

SEO Manager - £40,000 - 3 months’ notice
This candidate is highly talented with a wide range of experience across technical SEO, SEO strategy, on and off page SEO as well as link building and site audits. With extensive experience under their belt, this candidate is looking to further their managerial position that will aid their knowledge and experience in growing. This is a top digital marketing candidate so call today to arrange an interview!

Digital Marketing Executive - £26,000 - 1 month notice
This candidate is ready for a career change! As a current Digital Marketing Executive for a national organisation, this talented candidate is looking to make the leap to the retail/beauty sector. With experience in CRM, content, native and PPC this candidate is a quick and eager learner looking for a new challenge!

Senior Account Director - £60,000 – 2 months’ notice
Currently working as a Senior Account Director for a media agency, this candidate is in charge of the strategy and media planning for two of the agency's most prestigious clients. They are also responsible for Digital Planning and Client relationships and clearly not afraid to take on a high role. As someone who takes initiative and is confident in their work, they are now ready for a new and exciting opportunity, give us a call today if you're interested!

SEO Lead - £65,000 – 3 months’ notice
As a candidate with extensive experience in SEO, they are not afraid to display their leadership skills by currently leading a team of 10. This candidate oversees strategy and implementation for the agency's largest clients across organic search and has succeeded in doing so by winning multiple awards for UK campaigns! Looking to move on in-house or to another agency, this candidate is a catch with an eye for success. Sound like the type of person you're looking for? Get in touch today!

Digital Marketing Executive - £24,000 – 1 month notice 
This candidate is currently a Digital Marketing Executive and has 2 years experience in digital agency. Previous experience in paid search and campaign management aided this candidate's confidence within their knowledge of the field and they are always keen to learn more! With a particular interest in broadening their marketing knowledge and building upon their exciting client services experience, this client is perfect if you want a fast, eager learner!

Account Manager - £27,000 – Immediately available
This candidate is ready to go and immediately available at your agency! As an Account Manager, this candidate stands out from the crowd with high interpersonal skills that has helped form their strong, varied agency background. With impressive experience at Manchester's most prestigious agencies their talents and knowledge spreads across print and production, web projects, digital marketing and social. This highly experienced candidate is looking to start a new exciting role in a Creative Marketing agency; if our client sounds like someone you would like to join your team then get in touch!

Social Media Manager - £24,000 – Immediately available
This candidate is a Social Media Manager with an impressive history of creating paid social advertising for mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. They have experience across various programs and platforms including Google Analytics, Adwords, Social Sprout, Hootsuite and is keen to learn more about Social Media! Our client is looking to further their career in Social Media either within an agency or for a client. Are you looking for someone to develop your Social Media strategy? Call us today and we can arrange an interview!

Head of Marketing - £60,000 – Immediately available
Does your business require a highly skilled and experienced Head of Marketing? Well, we have the candidate for you and they are immediately available! Our candidate is a results orientated marketing professional who has a proven track record in exceeding target expectations. They also have a solid international marketing background and a passion for delivering omni- channel marketing strategies. Interested? Get in touch! 

Head of CRM - £70,000 – 2 Months Notice
Searching for a new Head of CRM? Look no further! This extremely talented candidate has over a 10 years’ experience translating customer insight into highly effective communication programmes.  They are a results driven individual with a challenging mind who has extensive experience implementing successful CRM strategies for eCommerce stores nationwide. Is this the person you’ve been looking for? Give us a call today!

Head of PPC - £75,000 – 2 Weeks Notice
We have a really exciting candidate on our books, and with a notice period of 2 weeks, he could be with you sooner than you think! This candidate is an experienced PPC specialist who has over a decade’s worth of industry knowledge and online strategy management.  They also have a strong proven track record of identifying key areas of improvement before implementing cost-effect solutions which ultimately improved revenue streams. Do you want this person to develop your companies PPC strategy? Call us today to get an interview arranged!

Head of SEO - £75,000 + bonus – 3 Months Notice
Are you on the hunt for a diligent Head of SEO to develop and implement successful SEO strategies? We have your perfect candidate! Our candidate has 8 years’ experience creating bespoke SEO strategies, including on and off site SEO, for various projects and brands. With both client-side and agency experience, they certainly are a catch! Strike whilst the irons still hot, and book them for an interview now! 

Digital Director - £75,000 – 2 Months Notice
Desire a Digital Director? We can help you! Our amazing candidate has solid experience working for a leading agency in the North West and London, across both media planning and digital. They have previously worked on national, award-winning campaigns whilst managing a team of 8 digital specialists. If this candidate has caught your eye, give us a call to arrange interview today!

If these any of these candidates are of interest get in touch with us by calling 0161 833 1044 or email [email protected]


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