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As digital marketing recruitment specialists, we get asked by candidates every day "what will improve my chances of finding a new job?" Does this sound like you? Then keep reading. Other than working with marketing recruitment experts, we advise maintaining the below 5 tools as a minimum to all active candidates:

  • CV- the first and most obvious. Make sure your CV is up-to-date and contains relevant content to the job you are applying for.  It is often hard to get away with a shotgun approach to a variety of jobs, so tailor your CV depending on role requirements. Must haves:
    • Tangibles. Show your performance and achievements, not just role responsibilities. This will add to your USPs and make you stand out.
    • Order chronologically, including education. If you graduated 12-24 months ago and have since gained 1 or 2 years' relevant professional experience, put this ahead of your education.
    • Justify any gaps in your professional experience.
    • See our CV Tips section on our website for more.
  • LinkedIn Profile- ensure the continuity matches that of your CV, but keep the content different and unique. Some checkpoints:
    • Have a suitable photograph of yourself, in good lighting.
    • Ask for references. Don't rely on Endorsements to show off your skillset, these can be added to by anyone. A reference holds much more value. Ask your colleagues or previous clients if they can write one for you / 'OK' a draft one you've pre-written for them.
    • Join relevant groups and don't be afraid to ask / answer questions.
  • Trending Industry Knowledge - keep an eye on what's going on: what update is Google bringing out next, how will this effect online presence; how are large companies performing, what are they up to; what new technology is coming out; what are influential people talking about on Twitter?
  • Company Knowledge - be sure to research the companies you're applying to. Even more important for when you have an interview lined up. Companies spend a lot of time, effort and money on their websites; impress them by knowing as much as you can about them. Read their news section (if they have one), blog, about us and so on.

PS. go the extra mile and research the interviewer(s) through LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Proactivity- be seen to be as active as you can in your desired field:
    • Writers - maintain a blog and attempt some blogger outreach (more info in our previous guest blog by @lbeldreams).
    • PPC - study and pay for your AdWords certification.
    • Creative - keep a portfolio of all your best and relevant work.
    • PR - keep evidence of your success in getting coverage (regional and national).
    • Social - keep an active Twitter account and other social channels (Pinterest, Instagram, Vine etc.).

These are just a few tips to help get you in the room for interview. For further advice, please call in on 0161 833 1044 and speak to one of the team. You never know, we may have the right marketing job for you.


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