Award winning SEO and digital marketing agency theEword will be holding a SEO training day on Wednesday 12th 2014. The event will provide an opportunity for business leaders, marketing managers and commercial directors to learn all about SEO and how it works. The event will be held theEword offices between the times of 8:30am - 11am.

theEworkshop will include a 90 minutes seminar and will focus on explaining basics of SEO and how it can be used to help your business. The seminar will cover the following questions;

·  How can search engine marketing boost my business?

·  What can I do to improve my website's ranking?

·  Why are content, links and social media so important?

The seminar will provide all the background knowledge, tools and techniques that will result in a successful SEO campaign such as revamping your site structure, updating your meta data or producing keyword rich content. The day will also include some fun and exciting SEO games such as keyword thought shower, SEO pass the parcel and PPC quizzes.

This event is FREE, so there is no excuse to go and learn everything you need to know about the world of SEO. Click here  for more information. 


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