Imogen Connett, Social Media Executive at Bongo's Bingo, graduated nearly two years ago with a degree in Advertising Management and Brand Management.

We sat down with Imogen to find out five things that she wishes she had known about social media before she had graduated.


3. Believe in yourself and your abilities

When you’re a graduate in a new business, it’s easy to not have the confidence to stand up be assertive and what you post. You're the one with the knowledge of your audience and what resonates/ works best and what doesn’t.

It can feel quite awkward at first to stand up and say you don’t think something would work, but if you can back it up with stats and figures, show them sessions to website and conversions etc., it’ll work in your favour and give you the confidence to say what will work.

Remember, you’ve been hired to do a job because they feel that you have the capabilities that match their needs. Social media can be a tricky industry as there are many people with an opinion but it doesn’t mean that anyone is wrong. So, don’t be afraid to put your ideas out there and have faith in yourself. You got this!

4. Content is King (and engagement is Queen.)

Why is content king? Because it is how your audience engages with your brand - it builds loyalty and gains new customers. Content can take many shapes and forms and knowing how to use it, is the difference between a successful social media campaign and a social media flop. Anyone working in social media knows that they have seconds to grab their target audiences’ eye and how to do this can vary from channel to channel. You have to be able to tailor your content, without compromising your brand’s voice.  But then on the flip side, you have to understand that how you write on the website may differ to social. Make sure to get them emojis in your posts and show excitement!!!!!! (There is no such thing as too many exclamation marks, right?).

5. Social Media Roles are also Customer Service Roles

A lot of people assume that social media roles just involve posting different content on all platforms and whilst that part is mainly true, people fail to realise that a large part of the job is actually providing excellent customer service.

Think about it, if you tweet a company, then you expect a reply (usually in minutes) and you won’t be happy if you don’t get one, it’ll give you a negative perspective of that brand. Day-To-Day responsibility of a Social Media Executive will include responding to all mentions and direct messages in order to ensure the very best customer service! Sometimes this can take over your workload so make sure that if it does, to speak to management as this could be handled by someone else but don’t neglect them if it’s your responsibility.

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