So we have one agency drawn from the hat and two to go for today - who will be next...The next agency to be drawn out of our festive hat will be for Sunday the 9 December.


We have been drawing agencies out of our festive hat from the 1 December, and we will be continuing up until the 25 December. We then will have an agency for each day of advent.


Thanks to social media we have already had a response from Epiphany Search. They tweeted this picture of the treat they received. We hope they enjoyed their cupcakes.




    Epiphany Search   -Tweeting about their delivered cupcakes



The agency that has been drawn out of the hat for Saturday the 9 December is: Integrated marketing agency, Sticky Eyes.


Congratulations to you all. Look out for our lovely Maz who will be delivering some treats.



Sticky Eyes are both technical and creative, and they pride themselves with keeping pace in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. They provide the full marketing package, and are a very successful digital marketing agency. This is proven by the amount of great awards they have won recently. In 2012 alone -Sticky Eyes were shortlisted in the Innovation Awards and had a  double win at the UK Search Awards. They won the prestigious accolade of Best Agency, and won the Best use of Search for Finance. Well done to you all!


We wish everyone a Sticky Eyes a very Merry Christmas, and the best for 2013!








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