It's so close to Christmas we hope you are all enjoying a cheerful, festive Friday before you pack up for the Christmas break. 

We are about to announce the winning agency for the 23 December, and we are now half way through our special Friday bonanza. 

Throughout the advent period we have been picking agencies out of our Christmas hat. We will have 25 winning agencies by the end of the day. We have three more to pick by the end of bonanza Friday.  

The winning agency for 23 December is: digital performance agency, R.O.Eye


Congratulations folks! We will delivering a festive treat to your Manchester office shortly.  



R.O.Eye has offices in Manchester, London and Berlin - they are truly international. They are named R.O. Eye as their ultimate goal is to deliver R.O.I (Return On Investment), and they are determined to deliver the best results possible.


On another note, R.O.Eye are certainly in the Christmas spirit. Here is there tech team looking very festive: 

Tech Team

They should be celebrating - they have just launched their new website just in time for Christmas, and we think it looks fantastic! 


New Web


A very Merry Christmas to all at R.O.Eye from The Candidate,






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