Good morning to you all - hope you are all well.

We are now on the 12th day of our agency advent calendar prize draw, and that means we are nearly half way through - where has the time gone? Christmas is approaching very fast. 

We absolutely love all the feedback from the agencies, and it is providing even more fun for the campaign. So keep the pictures and comments coming!


The winner for the 12 December is: Web Design Company,

Fluid Creativity.


Congratulations folks, and have a look out for our very own Santa - Colin Telford! 


                       A little festive spirit goes a long way 


Fluid Creativity is an award-winning agency based in Manchester. They are a talented and specialised group of people, and this is proven by the vast array of awards they have received - from best business-to-business agency to the winner of the web standards awards. Fluid Creativity has worked with a large amount of well-known large companies such as: Brother, Christy, NHS, RBS, University of Salford and Panasonic. However, they also have worked with a large amount of small businesses that were looking to raise their profile. Indeed, for Fluid Creativity no project is too large, and no brief too small. We wish Fluid Creativity the best for 2013.



Wishing you a very merry Christmas,









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