In 2019 Tech Nation reported 164k job openings in Digital Tech and 100k people employed in the region’s digital economy, evermore highlighting that there is a skills shortage in the North West that needs urgently addressed.

Contracting has been prevalent for some time in the IT sector and now it’s the marketing industry that’s bridging the gap with this type of employment.

With these statistics in mind The Candidate commissioned research exploring Contract Marketing Recruitment in the North West and sought to understand the intricacies of being a marketing contractor. The findings were as follows:


Location - On average, contractors are prepared to travel an hour for a relevant contracting role. Some would travel twice as far and some only half. Others would only accept remote placements.

Whilst there are of course challenges involved in contracting work – managing workflow, cash flow and multiple clients for example. There are significant benefits of working with an agency or umbrella company who specialise in solutions to avoid these pitfalls.

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