We have recently placed our candidate, Nicola Cunningham, in her new Marketing Executive role. With over 5 years’ offline marketing experience and a wealth of knowledge, we asked Nicola for her advice on securing a successful career in brand marketing.


What would your top tips be for Marketing graduates looking to secure their first role in the industry?
There are lots of tips I could give but I think the main ones would be -

  • Use the targeted approach - if you really like the look of a role, take your time to fill out the application carefully and personalise it to that business/sector. I imagine that some large companies receive lots of blanket applications so targeting yours to cater to them shows your dedication.
  • Interview prep - make sure you take the time to fully prepare for your interview including researching the company and making sure you have relatable examples to the job responsibilities. If you’re asked to put together a presentation or portfolio give yourself enough time to prepare and put your best working examples on display.
  • Work with recruiters - recruiters can help filter through to the jobs that suit your skills, experience and interest.

Is there anything you wish you had known before starting your first role in Marketing?

This might be obvious but in marketing, you always need to keep learning. It’s not like other disciplines where things don’t change as much. There’s always a new way of marketing products and services. We live in a fast-paced, digital age and it’s important to do regular research away from your job to keep up with the latest trends - no two days are ever the same in this industry!

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