That time of the year!

It's that time of year again. Students have been working so hard within the walls of their respective universities and halls of residents and have hopefully all finally completed their courses and are anticipating their results and scores across the summer months. Congratulations to everyone who has worked hard over the last year or years, I'm sure to some it has seemed like an eternity but finally the hard graft is over and the future of paying taxes and putting all that learning to good use isn't that far away now!

For some of you the step into work will have landed on your lap but for others it's a little more of a wait. There's no doubt that we are currently in one of the worst recessions which the country has ever seen but in digital marketing in Manchester there is (unbelievably) a shortage of skilled staff to fill the places going. For example on the planning and buying side of the agency world, PPC and SEO staff are in high demand, particularly at Senior Exec level / low level manager level. This goes for client facing people too. It's important that candidates push for as relevant much work experience as possible throughout their student days and pursue that afterwards in their relevant disciplines. It's more important that companies regionally invest in the graduate pool on their doorstep.

There is so much to get involved with digitally on a work experience basis with loads of agencies and clients willing to bring people to complete some experience. We are working closely with some of the universities locally to help produce more opportunities around this, like MMU's £50 club and the opportunity to get involved in Salford Uni's SEMPO course. Don't hesitate to get in contact for more information, more details will follow.

To show our appreciation for the talent coming out of the universities, The Candidate have sponsored The Award for Best Dissertation / Written work in the MSc Managing IT Course at Salford University. Congratulations to Maral Beik Mohammadi! We'll be presenting Maral with the prize at the Salford Business School's Prize giving event at The Lowry today (Friday 20th June) at 1330.

Well done to all the graduates from all of the universities locally and across the UK. Consider the North West for your next step!



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