In this blog Marcel, our Film & Production Consultant, gives advice on how to break into the notoriously difficult Film & Production industry. 

The Film & Production Industry is exuberant, demanding, exciting, Inspiring, relentless, innovative and extremely competitive. A bitter sweet concoction that lures thousands of bright, young and enthusiastic hopefuls to its seemingly impervious door.

On the inside Film & Production is full of passionate people throwing their heart and soul into a vocation they truly love, It's no wonder so many have an ambition of establishing a place for themselves in this Industry.

The only problem is, breaking into Film and Production can be notoriously difficult! That's why a relevant industry related degree could prove invaluable in helping you stand out from the crowd.

As with most careers there is more than one way to reach the position you aspire to in Film and production. Whether you dream of becoming an Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Producer, Director, or you haven't quite decided where you'd fit in yet (but are bursting with creativity), you need some sort of idea of how to get there.

Although a strong academic background is not at all necessary to become successful in the Film & Production industry, it definitely does help.  

It provides you with an in depth understanding of the subject area and most courses will give you the opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience within the industry. This results in a solid platform for you to leap up off after Graduating.

There is also a growing pressure on Universities to keep up to date with what's happening in industry so the courses they offer stay relevant. This means you will be using the same kinds of cameras, software and equipment used in industry whilst at university.

Below are some leading Universities in the Northwest and just some of the Television & Production related courses they offer:

University of Salford

"The University of Salford is a friendly, vibrant and pioneering University. We continually invest in our campus, facilities and industry partnerships to enhance your student experience and provide opportunities to develop the skills needed to succeed in your career"

Courses offered include:

University of Chester

"Enthusiastic and responsive, the University of Chester is committed to providing the very best in teaching, learning, research, student support and partnerships."

Courses Offered include:

Liverpool John Moores University

"The exceptional student experience LJMU offers is founded on high quality teaching, ground-breaking research and dedicated staff throughout the University."

Courses Offered include:

Shutterstock _169841852

Industry Experience

Alongside your Degree it's also important to get as much hands on practical experience as possible. One extremely good way to of doing this is as a Runner! (And I'm not talking 1500 metres). This is an entry level position where you'll have to work long hours for little or no pay. You'll also have to be willing to do absolutely anything that they ask you to, no matter how big or small, but it's well worth it!

It's a great position for you to learn what working life in Film & Production is all about. You will be involved in all areas of the business and will get to know everyone from Production Assistants to the Managing Director on a personal level as you will running around after them all day!

And if you haven't decided where you think you'd best fit within a production company then the time spent in this position will definitely help you decide. You will gain invaluable insight and a better understanding of the entire production process from pre to post.

Almost all Production companies are open to giving young and enthusiastic undergraduates an opportunity to experience life in Industry, whether it be a month's internship, a week long trial or even a day's experience!

If you are offered any of these opportunities TAKE THEM! And if you haven't been thinking about looking for these kind of opportunities START!

Having recruited for some of some of the leading Production companies in Manchester I have seen that enthusiasm and passion gets you a long way in this industry. The more active you are in getting some practical experience within Industry (no matter what the role) the more your passion shines through to potential employers. So get out there and get involved!


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