Joanne Green a Careers Adviser for Changing Education has noticed massive changes in her day to day role since the Coronavirus Crisis, not least because everyone is now working remotely.


We have already received some great videos from a range of industries, and we are looking forward to sharing them with students soon.

Hopefully we can resume normal ways of working soon and I can return to what I love doing; meeting amazing, inspirational and motivated young people every day and helping them to plan their future.

In the meantime, my company is adapting and responding to our customer’s needs on a daily basis and I am continuing to offer advice to students in any way I can!


Joanne’s tips for students doing Virtual Work Experience

Decide on a routine
Try to follow your ordinary routine as much as possible. Get up at the same time as normal, follow your usual morning routines, and go to bed at your usual time. Set alarms to remind you of your new schedule if that helps.

Manage your time
Recognise that different tasks require different levels of concentration. Watching a video can be easier than reading a complex text and taking notes. Divide your work in to manageable time slots and take proper breaks.

Keep in touch digitally
Make plans to video chat with people or groups you'd normally see in person. Think about things you can do to connect with people. For example, putting extra pictures up of the people you care about might be a nice reminder of the people in your life.

Think about the positives
Businesses value skilled young people more than ever. This year some of the largest employers are offering even more graduate jobs, apprenticeships and school leaver programmes than last year. Recruitment will not stop. (

Thanks for Joanne and Changing Education for sharing their experience and tips. 


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