Tasneem Mohammed is job searching for her first full time role and shares with us the challenges and opportunities she has seen so far during the Coronavirus Crisis. 



The student has become the master

As much as we can’t control what is taught to us, we can control what we teach ourselves. So, what you found to be a skills gap on your CV you can change right now.

  • As a University student you receive FREE LinkedIn Learning resources. Snap them up before they expire.
  • HubSpot is a niche website offering a tenfold of content for business and marketing. Even if you’re not a business student, it can help bring to life any side hustle you have going on.
  • Join clubs who are offering free memberships. Visit websites from your industry and utilise LinkedIn by searching free ‘law’ membership during covid19 > Filter, by choosing ‘content’ and press Control+F to find specific terminology.
  • Volunteering my services led me to a potential job offer before Covid19. It doesn’t have to be many hours; businesses are grateful for the fresh perspective and help. You also get that all-important insight to how the industry is in real life, compared to what you’ve learnt in theory.

What are your hobbies/What do you do in your spare time?

Quite frankly, I dread this question more than any other in an interview. I’m pretty sure, everyone loves to curl up in their sweats and watch some TVoD. But it does give an insight to who we are, on our best days. So being in lockdown, I guarantee you have been inspired by something on social media.

As we approach our final moments as undergrads, it is the final time we will be not doing any work until we probably reach pension age! If you were a pensioner after working for 60 odd years, what would you like to do from the comfort of your home?

Watched a French film? Boiled an egg for the first time? Downloaded a fitness app? You don’t know it, but that’s called developing yourself.

  • That French film on Netflix – Means you are cultured, have an interest in people and could mean you have strong interpersonal skills with different types of people
  • That boiled egg now served with a meal – Means you are becoming a culinary artisan. You will be exploring YouTube videos next to learn what goes well with that egg!
  • That Nike fitness app – Means you are structured and keep working on your mental and physical wellbeing. This makes you a good leader when times are difficult by staying motivated.

As a marketer, the best tool you have is to tell a story. Now, everyone has one. So the best thing you can do is gather yourself, improve yourself in whichever form you want, study hard because there is no company in the world that won’t find it impressive that you have completed your degree in isolation and be ready for the recruitment push that recruiters are itching to get their hands on.

I’m in isolation for three months, so take it from me, you’re doing okay. And, if all else fails, do nothing! You won’t hear that every day.

Thanks Tasneem for sharing your story! 

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