Taking a break from the news, our Agency Recruitment Manager, Emma Burke has been looking for the positives in her local community and beyond.  


Support local businesses

Deliveroo have a national TV campaign promoting their services and in turn, promoting local businesses, who are providing deliveries to the area. You can also check out local Facebook pages to see who will be offering their services to deliver. It’s vital throughout this period to support these businesses as much as possible, and ensure that we keep them going. Shop local!

We’ve also been made aware of bakeries who usually specialise in weekend treats and business deliveries, who are now baking cakes for key workers! You can donate money to these businesses for ingredients, which are being turned into cakes feeding the NHS, teachers, police, factory workers and care/support workers. Well done to The Cake Hole in Preston, where over £300 has been raised so far!

Call your loved ones regularly

Loneliness is an epidemic in itself, which requires a whole other blog topic to analyse. Making sure you call family and friends regularly and “checking in” is vital in times like these. Keeping to a routine, staying active and connecting with people whether it’s on Facetime or online can help alleviate loneliness, and there’s even been a Quarantine chat service set up to help people who are feeling lonely throughout this time.

Speaking to my 95 year old Grandma, who is having to stay at home on her own throughout this period, she commented that when the war was over, everyone went party mad. People had parties in the street and celebrated. There will be devastating losses, and I’m in no way comparing this to the end of the war, but my Grandma is looking forward to this all being over, and we will have a greater sense of humanity, closeness and reasons to be thankful.

Whilst we are in troubling, uncertain and very testing times, how we react and overcome to this tragedy will determine our fate as a nation. We can unite and continue to care for one another, as well as having a greater sense of not taking the little things for granted. It’s important throughout this time, for the sake of our loved ones, neighbours and local businesses to try and keep the positive vibes going.

Therefore, I’m turning the C of 2020 into Community Spirit.


Thanks Emma for these lovely stories! 


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